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GR has breathed new life into sought after no longer in production vintage mouthpieces.  
Original designs have been reverse engineered using the GR Design Program to remove discontinuities for a familiar feel, but with improved playing results.

61A - Al Hirt Model A
  • Original Jet-Tone Al Hirt Model A from the Bill Ratzenburger era.  
  • Flat rim contour, small volume cup.
  • GR T-72S backbore.  
  • This is a reverse engineered new design from GR which retains many of the same qualities of the old Jet-Tone, but plays with a fatter sound and cleaner articulations.

The "Goz" - Conrad Gozzo

(Description by Gary Radtke)
This is a very unique mouthpiece.  Story has it that it was a modified 7C by Bert Herrick.  I have seen 2 very old Bert Herrick mpcs that were suppose to be just like Conrad Gozzo's.  They had similarities but were not 100% the same.  If this was a modified old 7C, it was shortened and the rim was cut off.  The Rim is wide and I would say cushioned, with a sharp bite, although, the profile makes it feel like a larger mouthpiece.
The cup is moderate, close to the volume of a GR M cup, the alpha angle is higher than the standard M cup, although, similar to the GR 64.7M. 
The big key is the throat exponent makes this a very open mouthpiec and probably better suited to a trumpet with characteristics to those of the 40's, 50's, and 60's.  You may have trouble with a really open horn.  The uses are this piece are vast;  good on the smaller horns like Eb and even some love it on piccolo (rim is close to a "W" in width).  This mouthpiece has a big fat sound for the right match player and horn.

60VM - Bud Brisbois

(Description by Dan McMillion)
"The 60VM was reverse engineered by GR from one of Bud's mouthpieces that I have in my collection.  I acquired  Bud's Holton ST-200 from an estate sale many years ago and the mouthpiece came with the horn. I thought it was interesting since the Bud Brisbois cup shape and rim looked a lot like the mouthpiece that Dominick Calicchio made for Maynard,  a shallow V cup with a small 30 drill size."

GR took the parameters off of the Brisbois Mouthpiece and reverse engineered it to remove all of the bad design lines caused by either hand tooling, or manufacturing flaws. The reverse engineering took that vintage design and made it much more playable. This is a small diameter cup with a medium "V" shape. High velocity, sax player killer.
62VM is also available. Same qualities as the 60VM with a .620" cup diameter.
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