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GR Mouthpiece Rims

GR Components
  • GR Mouthpiece rims are designed to provide the player with the best comfort, accuracy, and overall playability in the industry. 
  • Enlarged digital scans of conventional mouthpieces will show discontinuities in rim design. 
  • GR rims blend perfectly from the outside diameter of the mouthpiece to the alpha angle and first cup radius with No Discontinuities.
  • Our Compu-Balanced  rim designs have proven time and time again and in "Blind Play Testing" to be the best in the business!

Standard GR Rims are listed below. 
Custom rims available upon request.

Hint! Check out the rim overlay pdf's.  You may have to enlarge to get full detail.

Complete descriptions below!
Standard GR Rim
  • The Standard GR Rim is composed of medium characteristics.  
  • This rim is comfortable and is generally easy for most players to adapt to quickly. 
  • The width may feel a bit more generous than traditional rims and will aid endurance.  
  •  Flexibility is good and articulations will be cleanly defined. 
  • This is our most popular rim choice and "blind" tests have proven that it is favoured over many conventional rims. 
  • Standard Rims have no designation on the mouthpiece itself.

e Rim
  • The GR e - Rim is made for those that require a wider feel and less bite. 
  •  This rim is ideal for players that require good endurance; furthermore, it is great for downsizing giving the player the same OD yet smaller ID.  
  • The bite is medium soft and contour is semi-flat. 
  • E Rims have an "e" designation on the mouthpiece.  
  • This rim is standard on the e62 and e65 Series Mouthpieces and is available on other models as a special order.  
  • Note * If a rim is too flat or too wide it will impinge lip vibration and cause a thin sound on certain players.  On the other hand many players can benefit from added support with this type of rim.

G Rim
  • The GR G Rim was originally designed by Gary Radtke for his own use but with it's popularity, we decided to add it to our line.  
  • The G Rim has the same bite contour as our Standard rim but the rim is slightly wider and outside radius is slightly larger.
  • This gives the player more effective rim area on the chops as mouthpiece pressure is applied.  
  • It aids in the distribution of pressure over a larger lip surface which will give support and aid endurance.  
  • This rim does not feel overly wide and flexibilities will not be compromised.  
  • The G Rim will have a "G" designation on the mouthpiece.  
  • This rim is standard on the G66 Series Mouthpieces as well as some G67 models, and is available on other models as a special order.

3 Series Rim
  • The GR 3 Series Rim has a slightly flatter feel than the GR Standard rim.   
  • It may have a familiar feel to conventional 3 players but with GR improvements in comfort and articulations. 
  • All 3 Series Mouthpieces have the same alpha angle.   
  • The bite is softer than the Standard GR Rim and GR E-Rim.  
  • The larger bite radius may make the rim feel larger. 
  • The outside diameter is slightly narrower than the  Standard GR Rim.  
  • This is a generous rim with excellent grip and support.

Z* Rim
  • This popular rim is flatter than the GR E-Rim and will feel more cushioned than the Standard GR Rim, yet with increased grip. 
  • The Z* rim offers secure comfort, endurance and distribution of pressure.   
  • The bite is medium and the alpha is high.  
  • This is a very popular choice for players using conventional "4" rims who need increased endurance with improved articulations.

Z** Rim
  • Same as the Z* Series rim with a softer bite.  
  • This allows for slightly more chop in the cup and is an excellent choice for commercial players who are accustomed to a softer bite. 
  • The Z** rim offers secure comfort, endurance and an even distribution of pressure.
  • This is an ideal rim for players used to the Schilke 4 rim feel.

64.7 Series Rim
  • This rim is slightly wider than the GR Standard Rim and features a comfortable semi - flat contour. 
  • It has a slightly more cushioned feel than the Standard GR rim but with a bite that allows for precise articulations. 
  • This rim is an excellent alternative to 13A4a players who need a more secure grip with cleaner attacks.
  • Standard on the 64.7 Series.

65.6 Series Rims
Paul Butcher 65.6 Rim
  • Similar to the GR Standard rim but with the highpoint slightly closer to the bite and a slightly sharper bite. 
  • This popular rim features a secure comfortable grip and crisp articulations.  
  • Ideal for players who like to feel the secure grip of the rim which aids their attacks, flexibilities, and endurance.
  • Standard on the B65.6S, 65.6MS, 65.6M, 65.6*M2+, 65.6C

M65.6 Rim
  • With a flatter contour than the GR Standard rim, this rim has a very comfortable feel. 
  • Coupled with the medium alpha angle and medium sharp bite this rim also allows for very quick attacks. 
  • The medium alpha also allows for more lip room.  
  • An ideal rim for the commercial player who wants more chop room cleaner attacks, and a fatter sound than most "conventional commercial" mouthpieces allow.
  • Standard on the 65.6S

66.5 Series Rims
  • This rim has a rounded contour and a softer bite than the Standard GR Rim. 
  • Using digital analysis this rim has some profile similarities to the 1 1/4C and Stork 2, with GR improvements. 
  • This rim is excellent for a player that doesn't get a vibrant sound on a flatter rim or with a sharp bite. 
  • The rounded contour and soft bite makes this rim feel larger with added support.  
  •  Flexibility is excellent, articulations snap.

Q Series Rims
  • The Q rim is slightly flat, outside diameter follows is tradition in width and contour, highpoint is further out than the standard GR Rim. 
  • The bite is medium sharp with the traditional feel and grip, and the alpha is medium for lip freedom, support, and articulation. 
  • The bite grip holds the lips from penetrating too far into the cup.
  • Standard on the 66Q Series Trumpet Mouthpieces.

Cornet Rims
  • GR Cornet Rims match those of the corresponding GR Trumpet Mouthpieces. 
  • When ordering, please specify the rim, cup diameter, and cornet cup.

Flugelhorn Rims
  • GR Flugelhorn Rims match those of the corresponding GR Trumpet Mouthpieces. 
  • When ordering, please specify the rim, cup diameter, and whether you require the FL or FD Model.

Piccolo Trumpet Rims
  • GR Piccolo Trumpet Mouthpiece Rims feature contours very similar to our Standard Rims.  
  • This rim is comfortable and is easy for most players to adapt to quickly. 
  • The width will feel generous and will aid endurance. 
  • The bite radius has been increased to give the feel of a larger mouthpiece while keeping the buzz ring smaller.   
  • They are slightly wider than our Standard Rims for support in high piccolo trumpet playing.  
  • Flexibility is good yet attacks will not suffer. 
  • The 64.4P and 66PM-T have a sharper bite than standard.

Lexan and Delrin Rims
  • Our Polycarbonate (Lexan and Delrin) rims offer your chops a comfortable warm feel for when the weather gets blustery.  
  • Alternately, GR Lexan Rims offer comfort, grip, and support when the temperatures go through the roof!  
  • This rim is also an excellent alternative to those players who are allergic to silver or gold plating.

  • GR takes an existing GR Mouthpiece and removes the rim.  
  • Then he will machine a matching rim out of Polycarbonate plastic, and match it perfectly to the bottom portion of the mouthpiece.  
  • This screw rim set up is the ultimate choice for any outdoor playing.   
  • Please be aware that we only produce these rims to fit GR Mouthpieces.  
  • We will not thread other manufacturers cups for our rims.  
  • The Polycarbonate Screw Rims are not meant to be interchanged, but are designed to provide an alternative playing surface.

GR Lexan Rims are also being used by players who seek a certain feel to their mouthpiece.  
  • Secure grip that is very easy on the chops.
  • GR Delrin Rims offer all of the features of the Lexan, but with a slightly more slippery feel.
  • Lexan Grips - Delrin Slips
  • GR Polycarbonate Rims are F.D.A. approved!  
  • Not all plastic, nylon, or polycarbonate material is approved by the F.D.A.

Lexan (Clear) and Delrin (White) Rims
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