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GR / Melk Flugelhorn Leadpipes

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  • Couesnon Flugelhorns are some of the most sought after flugels because of their characteristic sound and response.  
  • Unfortunately the most common problem with these horns is with the leadpipe.  
  • Problems range from mouthpieces not fitting correctly, to inaccurate attacks and questionable intonation. 
  • Gary Radtke and Charlie Melk have worked together to develop a solution. The GR / Melk Couesnon Flugelhorn Leadpipe.
  • This leadpipe accepts any standard GR taper flugelhorn mouthpiece. 
  • It will not accept straight "French" tapered shanks. 
  • Play testing this leadpipe showed immediate improvement in soft attacks and intonation. 
  • All aspects of the Couesnon Flugel are improved.
Our Standard "In Stock" pipes have 4 7/8" of engagement into the horn.  These can be cut to match your existing pipe. 
Please contact us when ordering. 

As Couesnon leadpipes vary in length, please measure the ENGAGEMENT of the leadpipe into your horn when placing your order.  
This measurement does not include the tuning nib on the receiver end of the pipe. 
Please measure as in the photo below.
GR /Melk Flugelhorn Leadpipes will also fit Olds Clark Terry Model Flugelhorns and Blessing Artist Models.

Contact us for info on leadpipes for other flugels!

"I was going to dump my Couesnon Flugelhorn. It's the only horn I've owned, purchased in 1966. Recently, I had a repairman remove the dents from the bottom pipe on the horn, including one near the main spit valve...the area was mis-shaped.  The horn played far worse following the repair. The turn near the spit valve was kind of flattened on the inside of the curve, and remains so."

"Today I received your GR/Melk Couesnon Leadpipe. The focus on every note is much improved, the overtones begin in the center and work outward...the original pipe is very uneven and seems to be, in some places, more peripheral than center. The response is greatly improved as well, attacks far closer to the strike and easier, as the notes are closer together than on the original. The intonation is greatly improved, as the even timbre and feel contribute to easier pitch control. Thank you very much!"

Michael McGovern
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