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GR Mouthpiece Questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in GR Mouthpieces!

Please feel free to fill out the email form and submit your answers.  We will examine your answers to the questionnaire and get back to you shortly with a short list of suggestions for you.

Please remember that we do not offer a trial policy from our factory so it is best to visit a in your area. If there are no GR retailers near you, please contact us and we can suggest some who may be able to ship to you on a trial basis.

It is always best if you can visit a GR Consultant as they can give you personal one-on-one attention using the GR Play Tests to determine the proper mouthpiece match to you and your horn.

Thank you once again! You will be hearing back from us soon.

Brian Scriver
Customer Service, GR Technologies

Gary Radtke

 High School
 Comeback Player
 Part Time Professional
 Marching Band
 Drum Corps
 Big Band

 Just curious
 Poor articulations
 Poor endurance
 My mouthpiece is uncomfortable
 My mouthpiece feels too wide
 My mouthpiece feels too narrow
 My mouthpiece feels too deep
 My mouthpiece feels too shallow
 I am bottoming out
 I need help with upper register
 I need a bigger sound

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