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Dan Fornero Signature Series

All of the mouthpieces in the Dan Fornero Signature Series utilize the standard GR 3 rim.
"GR went to great effort to create well-rounded, comfortable mouthpieces for me that provide varying degrees of ease in different registers while maintaining a larger quality of sound. "

"Like all GR mouthpieces, the response is very fast."

Dan Fornero

Dan Fornero Mouthpieces are only available through Dan's website.

Gary Radtke explains the Dan Fornero Series Mouthpieces:

GR:  Why the GR 3 Rim?  

Dan spent days of testing in the shop and testing at home.  I used the Red, Blue, and Yellow GR samples in the 66 Diameter to find out which rim was the best match for him.  The 66 diameter was closest to his old mouthpiece.  We did try the 65 and 67, the 66 was by far the best on the GR playing tests and diagnostic process.  Bingo, the best rim for Dan was a standard GR 3 so we were off and running.
Why not the 3M?  

Dan started here and liked the sound, but there was a problem as Dan required a higher alpha angle.  All the standard GR 3 series have the same alpha angle, unlike the GR 66 series.  

The default question often asked of us is, "What do you have like a 3C?".
Our 3 series has a similar alpha to 100's of 3C's we have studied.  

Dan Fornero requires a higher alpha angle. 
This has also proven to be a more efficient design for many 3C players!

Fornero MX 

Trumpet Mouthpiece
Program #2281

"The "Fornero MX" is the mouthpiece I use most for classical playing.  
It's depth of sound and ease of blend are a great help when playing in orchestras or when the music requires a sound with less edge".

  • The Fornero MX is the GR 3 rim with a Medium high alpha (GR 3MX has a medium alpha).  
  • After the alpha angle it follows the same GR mathematical parameters as the standard GR MX.
  • #3BB.
  • A great match on his C trumpet.  
  • Cup Volume = .0822".


Trumpet Mouthpiece
Program #2277

"The Fornero is a beautifully designed all purpose mouthpiece that I use in all situations from orchestral playing to Big Band lead trumpet. 
This is the original mouthpiece made following two days of hands-on design consultation with Gary Radtke." 

  • The "Fornero" has a high alpha angle and a lower beta angle than the MX.
  • Cup volume similar to the GR M cup, .0771".  
  • The mathematics are unique (alpha, beta, and throat exponent) and allows the mouthpiece to be very versatile.  
  • The #1 Backbore matched Dan's Yamaha Bb trumpet perfectly.

Filmed immediately after it's its creation, the "Fornero" is the mouthpiece used in this GR video:

Trumpet Mouthpiece
Program #2294

Based off the original "Fornero" design, the "d4nero" works great on the more commercial side of playing. 
"I use the "d4nero" for more punch and a bit more ease in the upper register."

  • It offers me great control & accuracy, plus fantastic response with a minimal sacrifice of sound.
  • Added compression over the "Fornero".  
  • On this design the alpha and L1 was slightly adjusted to raise the beta angle for more reflection.  
  • The "d4nero" has a volume of .0763".
  • #1 Backbore.


Trumpet Mouthpiece
Program # 2334

"This is my "go-to" mouthpiece for big band lead trumpet playing."  

  • Great control & accuracy.
  • Fantastic response.
  • Huge sound that we are accustomed to with GR Mouthpieces.
  • #1 backbore


Trumpet Mouthpiece
Program #2423

This is the smallest mouthpiece in the Fornero Series. 

  • While offering an easy extreme upper register, it maintains great flexibility and a strong sound.
  • Alpha angle is a little higher and L1 is longer, beta angle has come way up, throat entrance is tighter.
  • GR #1 Backbore.
  • This cup offers ample chop room with compression.  
  • This mouthpiece has a .0746" volume with a lot of reflection.  
  • You don't need to force it or over blow it to take a head clean off. Our apologies to sax players.
  • The design allows you to play lead with percision and style, GR does the math, you play the music.
The GR "3 FD"

Trumpet / Flugel Hybrid Mouthpiece

  • While not a custom design in my series, the "3 FD" is a mouthpiece that I utilize quite often.  
  • It's the perfect choice when the music requires a deep change in sound.  
  • I use it for soft lyrical playing, low soft sustained notes and for traditional jazz soloing.  
  • Aptly nicknamed "the career-saver" (by Wayne Bergeron) the GR "3 FD" is an absolute must in my arsenal.

"Fornero" #2277 1BB  
(great all purpose mouthpiece)

"Fornero MX" #2281 3BB  
(used for more classical music)

"d4nero" #2294 1BB  
(more towards lead trumpet)

"d4nero *" #2334 1BB  
(my go-to for lead trumpet)

"d4nero **" #2423 1BB  
(use occasionally for extreme upper register, but I prefer the "d4nero *" for lead playing)

Note: All of these mouthpieces are based off the "Fornero".

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