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Blow Resistance

GR School
  • Blow resistance is the acoustical resistance created by the mouthpiece when playing the instrument. 
  • Such resistance depends on the specific design of the cylindrical bore and the backbore. 
  • The blow resistance number that we use is a ratio, which is a multiple of the trumpet bore velocity head. 
  • The mouthpiece blow resistance affects the acoustical impedance of the resonating air column. 
  • We use this when analyzing mouthpieces and matching the player to the mouthpiece.
  • The bore size alone doesn't provide enough information to accurately make a match of the mouthpiece, horn, and player. 
  • Blow resistance is a function of diameter and length. 
  • We also calculate the volume of each mouthpiece. 
  • This includes the cup, bore and backbore.
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