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GR Piccolo Mouthpiece Adapters

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GR Piccolo Trumpet Mouthpieces are standard with a Cornet Shank. The GR Piccolo Trumpet Adapters allow you to use these mouthpieces with horns which require trumpet shanks.

But wait...these are not your simply every day adapters!!

  • The adapters each feature their own blow resistance and playing characteristics.
  •   You will be able to customize the feel and blow resistance to center the notes and optimize articulation.
Yes, each adapter offers a different blow resistance! This has never been heard of in the industry!

Advantages of GR adapters with GR Piccolo Trumpet Mouthpieces:
  • Players can use different adapters for different musical situations.  
  • For example, if you need to play the extreme upper register, use a tighter adapter for compression and a characteristic sound. 
  • But, if you need to play bigger above an orchestra, use a slightly more open adapter.
  • If you can not play a very small piccolo cup, yet you must perform extreme upper register work, a tighter blowing adapter can be used to achieve compression with a larger piccolo trumpet cup! 
  • GR Adapters will give you the ability to adjust for the Bb and A side of the piccolo trumpet.
  • One GR Piccolo Trumpet Mouthpiece quickly becomes three when used in conjunction with the GR Adapter Set!

Piccolo Trumpet Adapter Characteristics
  • Tighter and allows for great control. Articulation up high is excellent for playing the Brandenburg.

  • Middle of the road. Medium blow resistance. Plays big and full. Assists with a clear sparkling tone.

  • The largest and good on A side. It has a bigger sound on the Bb side. Preferred by strong players. Produces a huge piccolo sound. A favorite for using the piccolo in a large orchestra.
GR Piccolo Trumpet Mouthpiece Adapters offers the most efficient and effective set up for piccolo trumpet that hes been discovered to date.  You simply will not believe the huge brilliant sound, incredible intonation, even articulation and ease of response throughout the horn. Leave the competition behind.

NOW AVAILABLE! GR Piccolo Trumpet Adapters - Bored XE.
  • These adapters have been adjusted by GR for Extra Engagement. 
  • These are specifically designed for Blackburn Piccolo Leadpipes and correct any intonation issues. 
  • Only available in the #41 adapter. 
  • This works amazingly well with Blackburn Piccolos!
GR XE Adapter / GR Standard Adapter
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