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About GR Technologies


The experience of the first note. 
Big. Fat. Warm.

Imagine the feel, the security, the core. 
The resonance.

Silky smooth, a firm yet comfortable grip.
Being one with your instrument. 

We do not believe in trial and error. 
We do not compromise.

We are innovators, engineers, designers, craftsmen.
We are trouble shooters.

Our work carries our signature. 
We stand behind it.
We stand behind you.

We are GR Technologies.

Gary Radtke

Brian Scriver
Our Story, Our Beliefs

GR Technologies came about as a solution for two trumpeters who were struggling with their own playing issues due to equipment mismatches.
In 1999 Gary Radtke (GR) and Brian Scriver were active trumpet players. GR was dealing with dental reconstruction and was trying to get his chops back. Once a top call player in the Milwaukee area, GR could barely play and was struggling to find his way back. Trying numerous mouthpieces from various manufacturers just caused more frustration.
Brian Scriver had a group called "Primal Therapy" in Toronto Canada, and even though this group was actively gigging, he was still on the mouthpiece and horn safari trying to find solutions to his playing issues.  Together GR and Bri formed GR Technologies because they believed that they could help trumpeters like themselves achieve a playing solution and concentrate on what they really loved; making music with the trumpet.
Gary Radtke has an extensive resume which oddly enough, makes him the perfect candidate to making the finest mouthpieces in the industry and more importantly, troubleshooting trumpet playing issues.

GR’s Musical Background

  • Gary graduated University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh with a Bachelor of Music Education Degree, a major in trumpet and a minor in flute and percussion. 
  • Gary studied trumpet with Allen K. Butcher, retired Professor of Trumpet from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, Dennis Najoom, Co-Principal Trumpet with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, and Renold O. Schilke to name a few.  
  • After college, Gary traveled on the road, backing up big-name acts, arranging, composing, doing copy work and some studio work.
GR’s Educational and Technical Background

  • Gary Radtke has been a High School Band Director, Department Head, as well as, an accomplished composer/arranger. 
  • His technical background includes, 35 years of machine tool building, tool making, manufacturing, and design.

The Story Continues...

GR using his ability to troubleshoot, his design knowledge, and his superior machining ability to develop a design program unparalleled in the brass instrument manufacturing industry. This program eliminates all Discontinuities
in the design of mouthpieces and potentially in brass instruments themselves. By doing this, the musician is able to play music with a fatter, fuller tone without having to manipulate due to inefficient designs as found in other manufacturer's mouthpieces.
Most importantly however, GR designed a fool-proof method of testing equipment to insure a match between player, mouthpiece, and horn. A match that is essential to a quality musical performance. GR has uses this method to solve playing difficulties of some of the world's finest players! Yes, everyone has playing issues at one time or another!

By solving their own playing difficulties and believing that they could improve the musical experience of trumpeters all over the world, GR and Bri have developed GR Technologies into what it is today...the foremost brass instrument mouthpiece manufacturer in the world. We believe our fitting system, products, and customer service to be the best in the industry.

More About GR Mouthpieces

  • GR Mouthpieces are being played by top call professional players all over the world.  
  • They are also the mouthpiece of choice for the finest trumpet performers, educators, and students.  
  • From major motion picture soundtracks to community orchestras, GR Mouthpieces are quickly becoming the mouthpiece of choice around the world.


  • GR's Design Program is unique to the brass world.
  • Never before has a mouthpiece been so acoustically perfect! GR's Design Program eliminates all discontinuities.
  • A discontinuity is caused by a design flaw or manufacturing error which will disrupt the path of the sound wave. 
  • GR Mouthpieces do not have discontinuities which allows the sound wave to set up perfectly!


  • The GR No-Discontinuity design allows for a perfect blend of rim to cup, to throat, to backbore for optimum performance.  
  • Crisp articulations, a rich vibrant centered sound, outstanding intonation, easier upper register, and a fatter lower register are just some of the benefits of this design.


  • Gary Radtke's technical background includes 30 years of machine tool building, tool making, manufacturing, and design. 
  • These qualifications far exceed those found in the mouthpiece manufacturing industry today. 


  • The quality of a GR Mouthpiece is second to none. The finished product has a "Glass Like Finish" with no tooling marks or other flaws. 
  • Our parameters are held to the closest tolerance and each part is inspected many times during the manufacturing process, plus a final inspection before it is shipped to the customer.

"I've had many different platers over the years for my gold plated mouthpieces and I have to say that Gary's plating is absolutely second to NONE.  
Gary has the plating many times as thick as any else that I know, and that really makes a big difference. is it worth the extra $?? Absolutely."
Jon Lewis, LA Performance and Recording Artist

"Our plating is the best available but GR and Charlie Melk do the absolute best machining, prep, and polishing we have ever seen."
Aaron Velasquez, Theda Plate


  • GR is setting the new sound standard around the world! More and more GR's are being played in major orchestras, shows, and recordings. More often than not, once a member of a section plays a GR, the others follow as they simply can not match the huge fat sound of a GR Mouthpiece with conventional equipment.

"The core and sound of GR Mouthpieces is unmatched by anything I have played my entire career."
Trumpet Legend, Wayne Bergeron


  • Because the sound wave is setting up faster in a GR Mouthpiece, accuracy is greatly improved. 
  • The notes start faster and centered. 
  • No more having to muscle a note to get it started and no more worrying if you will crack that soft entry!


  • GR's No-Discontinuity Compu-Balanced design provides the best intonation in the industry.

Overall Playability:

  • GR Mouthpieces simply play better than conventional mouthpieces. 
  • All aspects of your playing are made easier with our state of the art designs and superior manufacturing processes.
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