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GR 67.9 "Zony" Series - .679" / 17.25mm

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The 67.9 "Zony" Series Trumpet Mouthpieces were originally designed for Trumpeter Mike Zonshine of the Honolulu Symphony. These mouthpieces quickly became very popular with classical trumpeters that GR decided to add them to the standard line.

Mike has studied with Boyde Hood, Roger Voisin, Tom Rolfs of the Boston Symphony, and James Thompson.
He has attended the Tanglewood Music Center and the Eastman School of music.
Mike has held the Principal Trumpet position with the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra where he has performed Copland's Quiet City, Bach's Second Brandenburg Concerto, and Haydn's Trumpet Concerto.

Zony 24
  • Same profile as the Zony #1 and 9C* with add bite and less diameter.  
  • For Mike Zonshine this rim change improved the match between Mike and his mouthpiece allowing an increase in endurance, improved articulation, and added harmonics to his beautiful sound.   
  • This is a great orchestral mouthpiece for C trumpet with great projection, traditional sound and a full harmonic spectrum of overtones. 
  • Standard GR Symphonic blank and length, larger throat bore, and #3BB, also available in the Symphonic Blank with the traditional overall length, GR Classic Blank with Standard length or GR Classic Blank with traditional overall length and different backbore as a special order.
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