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GR 67 Series - .670" / 17mm

GR Mouthpieces > Trumpet
Quick Comparison - The GR 67 Series cup diameter is similar to a conventional 1 1/2 to 1 1/4 diameter.  
The 67L is a very popular choice for 1 1/2C players looking for more core in their sound with more secure articulations in a more efficient design.
Classic Blank is standard.  Symphonic Blank is standard on the C** and C models.
Classic Blank is standard on the C-T and B-T Models.

Studio, Symphonic, and FatBoy are available as a special order on some models.
Backbores, other than listed, are special orders.

G Rim Models - G67LX, G67L
Same cups as their standard counterparts but with the slightly wider G Rim. These are a special order.

This is a commercial mouthpiece designed specifically for players who are used to playing larger mouthpieces!
This model features a medium alpha angle for tons of chop room, a high compression cup, high compression #1 GR backbore, and the C-T rim that many players are familiar with.
If you are a symphonic player and need a high compression mouthpiece for pops or commercial work, this is the one!

Ask us about other 67 series GR Mouthpieces.
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