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GR 65.6 Series - .656" / 16.66mm

GR Mouthpieces > Trumpet
Quick Comparison - The GR 65.6 Series cup diameter is similar to a conventional 5 diameter.
Classic Blank is standard.

Studio, Symphonic, and FatBoy are available as a special order on some models.
Backbores, other than listed, are special orders.
  • This is a small volume cup which features a medium high alpha angle.  
  • This provides added chop room in the top of the cup which will aid players who usually "bottom out" on most smaller volume cups.  
  • The sound from this mouthpiece is enormous and fat throughout the entire range of the horn.  
  • The upper register is incredibly easy and centered.  
  • The lower register is very full and fat. 
  • A popular choice for 14A4a players who are looking to improve all aspects of their performance.  
  • This rim is slightly flatter and wider than the GR standard.

B65.6S, 65.6MS, 65.6M, 65.6*M2+, and 65.6C were designed for Florida trumpeter and educator Paul Butcher.  
  • The Butcher rims have a slightly narrower feel than the GR Standard with a very secure grip.
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